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       Chronic Pain
    a long hard road. -A.L.Stemmer  
            The Chronic Pain Institute Is a California, nonprofit for public benefit 501(c)3, corporation for scientific medical research that has a group of licensed physicians and dentists on its board of directors. It is dedicated solely to the research of chronic pain in an effort to soon eradicate its existence for mankind. Our staff of researchers is made up of practitioners from many avenues of health care, in both conventional as well as alternative medical fields. While the Institute does post the names, and any reference material supplied by their simple notification of all interested pain management facilities without any actual endorsement of their validity, it does not actually perform routine care or management of chronic pain conditions beyond that of its own research or that of the individual researchers separately.

If one were to be able to measure the amount of pain that exists in the entire world and rank it as to its gravity compared to various causes of that pain one might easily find that the pain suffered by Diabetics in general, when all of polyneurits as well as GERD's and other diabetic systems problems are included, would rank among the highest causes due to its general severity and ubiquity in such a large portion of the various populations. That is why a separate Division under its own domain has been set up by our Institute just to attack the chronic pain problems from the standpoint of that one diagnosis alone -under the heading We ask that you visit it in order to look into helping us WITH or being helped BY what it has to offer.

Have you ever thought how valuable for you it would be if you had a separate place on the Internet all your own that would hold much of your medical record information available to your Doctors and some Family members if you give them your private password for it? A place where you or your doctors alike could make additions and your new doctors can go to get all your information they will want for that first visit. Soon it will be available under the name, keep checking for it especially if you are a Diabetic patient who frequently needs new doctors and others for assistance and finds yourself worn out with the details of repeating your past medical history, sometimes even forgetting to repeat important details for each new care giver.

Our international research staff is open to all individuals who are interested in any form of chronic pain. This includes both: researchers doing all forms of research in the field of chronic pain at every level from the most fundamental biochemical animal studies through all of the clinical medical and dental fields up to that of a psychoanalytic type as well as patients themselves who are suffering from any form of chronic pain or individuals who are simply interested in the subject. We are seeking both operating grants, funds and donations of all types to further this important research as well as patients who may want to participate in the work of our researchers. All those suffering from any form of chronic pain are encouraged to participate in specific studies as conducted by each individual researcher. Interested researchers are asked to contact our Administrator for details. Our Goal is to facilitate communication in this field as well as assist researchers in obtaining funds for their endeavors in order to help chronic pain sufferers in obtaining state of the art relief. We seek to use the power of the internet to help close the link between the Foundations which provide research funds and the the Researchers themselves by notifying and placing them in touch with the equally important elements --control subjects and willing patients through the provision to them of their own separate interactive web site which is independent to facilitate their individual research and associated interests yet interlinked within the context of our Institute.

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We need your suggestions and comments for all to read as well as any and all forms of contributions from the $1.00 that a grateful patient might give to the gifts of the largest corporations.

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Administrator - A. Randal Stemmer
Research Coordinator - August L. Stemmer, MD, DMD
System Internet Service Provider -RiskINFO

Telephone USA: 001 (415) 246-6924
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Attn: August L. Stemmer, MD, DMD

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*Do you know someone with chronic pain or interested in the subject, but who may not be 'on line' yet?  Why not print and send them a copy of this page?

Telephone USA: 001 415) 246-6924
Correspondence to:
2245 Grant Street
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